I AM Pyrite

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“Stone of luck” . It increases prosperity and attracts wealth and abundance. It’s a great manifestation stone and helps you with self-confidence, motivation, will power and overcoming your fears.

High quality. Ethically sourced. Raw. VERY DEFINED. AAA

3" x 2"  188G

Chakra: Solar Plexus/Root/Heart

Zodiac: Leo

Element: Fire

Colour: Gold

Energetic & Healing Properties:

  •  It's technically not a stone, it’s an iron sulfide- referred to as “fool's gold”

  • Meditating with it helps bring ideas into reality- great leadership stone

  • It’s a very grounding and protecting stone

  • Improves circulation by strengthening and oxygenating your blood, aids digestion and enhances brain function by stimulating your memory- treats bronchitis and protects from infectious diseases 

  • Aids in DNA repair and arthritis

 Each purchase receives complimentary access to our Intro To Crystals workshop at Energy School.

Our crystals are 100% natural and genuine, with excellent vibration.  

Each crystal is unique and may differ slightly in colour, shape, size or pattern.

Your crystal will be intuitively chosen for you  with love. It will be cleansed and cleared so it's ready to take on it's new home!