14-Day Energy Activation Challenge (Begins Jan 17)

14-Day Energy Activation Challenge (Begins Jan 17)

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Join the challenge to develop must-have routines and tools to activate your a magical energy this new year... it only takes 6 minutes!

Are you someone who starts your day as a free-for-all and wonder why it feels like life is working against you?

Maybe you often feel overwhelmed, stressed and lack being present during your day?

Or you feel amazing until you chat with that certain person and take on energy from others?

Like going to the gym or committing to healthy eating, it's not about doing it for one day and assuming you're magically "changed". Health and feeling amazing in your body is about consistency and taking the time to just do it.

How do you expect to feel your best if you won't even take a few minutes for yourself each day?

If you look at the habits and routines of the most success people in the world, one of the most common things they will say is they have a daily practice. It doesn't have to be long & in this case, only takes 6-minutes (that's 0.005%) of your entire day and all you have to do is follow along to a recording!

Now if I haven't lost you already, I swear this one is a simple addition that will make great impact on how you feel.

 Understanding your energy isn't hard, but it's not something you can't just read about in a book to grasp. You need to actually do it. 

Give the 14-Day Energy Activation Challenge a go and experience the shift, while developing new high vibe habits to take into the new year.

Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes!

What's Included:

  • 2 exclusive 6 minute energy activation and daily routine recordings (sent Jan 16)
  • Access to a private text group to connect and keep each other accountable
  • Live group Zoom call to learn more about tapping into your energy codes, collective channeled card reading & live Q&A - 45 mins Jan 30 @ 8pm EST
  • Exclusive VIP deals on the Energy Shop, 1:1 healing sessions, classes and programs