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A must for every crystal collection and a perfect starter stone. Use to slow the mind. Great for meditation and connecting with your third eye. A calming stone to ease your mind and nerves. Place near your bed for a for a restful sleep.

Ethically sourced. One of a kind. Raw. 

Approximately 2.5' x1.5" x 1"  // 128G

Chakra: Third Eye/Crown

Zodiac: Aquarius 

Element: Air

Colour: Purple to Lavender

Energetic & Healing Properties:

  • Comes from the quartz family- its an extremely powerful  and protective stones

  • Opens intuition and enhances psychic gifts

  • A great stone for releasing bad habits such as overcoming fears, addictions(alcohol/drug) and over-indulgences

  • Provides a calming effect against stress and negative energy

  • The “all-healer” -for mind(emotional issues) and body-helps to dig deep and express your emotions more- enhances memory -placed on the stomach or liver helps soothe issues as well as the lungs and respiratory system, clears up skin conditions

  • Helps the endocrine system balance hormones, strengthens the immune system by helping the organs eliminate toxins

  • Aids insomnia and prevents night-mares (place under your pillow)-helps you to remember and understand your dreams

  • Great for the workplace or home as it soothes anger, impatience, feeling overwhelmed- exudes peace and tranquility -balances highs and lows Alleviates grief and sadness -transmutes energy into love from negative environments

  • Blocks geopathic stress -has cleansing powers

  • Guards against “psychic attack”

  • Cleanses the aura and transmutes negative energy

  • Helps people make the transition through death

  • Great for children and animals who are hyperactive

  • Amethyst will cleanse other crystals

Our crystals are 100% natural and ethically sourced, with excellent vibration. 

Each crystal is unique and may differ slightly in colour, shape, size or pattern. 

Your crystal will be intuitively chosen for you  with love. It will be energy healed, cleansed and cleared so it's ready to take on it's new home!