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Home Protection Grid Set

Home Protection Grid Set

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Create an energetic barrier of protection around your space - you'll feel the difference! Also grid your home or specific room to call in healing energy + amplify your intentions.

3-Step Home Grid:

  1. Place the clear quartz generator near the centre of your home or room to draw in healing, protective and manifesting energy. Envision a beam of light drawing for the sky above into your crystal.
  2. Then place the black crystals in the four corners of your home (as best as you can), envisioning them connecting to create an energetic barrier. Set your intentions for this space ie protection, healing, manifesting, etc.

This Set Includes ($62 value)

  • 1 clear quartz generator
  • 4 raw black tourmaline crystals

Our crystals are 100% natural and ethically sourced with an excellent vibration. 

 Each crystal is unique and may differ slightly in colour, shape, size or pattern.

Your crystal will be intuitively chosen for you with love. It will be energy cleansed, cleared and charged with healing energy so it's ready to take on it's new home!