I AM Calm and Grounded

I AM Calm and Grounded

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Do you have anxiety thats weighing you down? Do you feel drained before the days begun out of fear for what might come? Begin raising your vibration and shifting your energy with our I AM Calm and Grounded Set!

This set includes ($48 value):

  • I AM Cleansed + Protected Energy Clearing Spray ($28 value)
  • Tigers Eye ($4 value) - Releases fear, grounds low vibrational energy
  • Black Tourmaline   ($4 value) - protection from other peoples protected energy + EMF radiation from your cell phone and WIFI
  • Lepidolite  ($4 value) - Feminine love, balances anxiety + depression
  • Green aventurine ($4 value) - Masculine love, heart soothing
  • Clear quartz   ($4 value) - Master healing, cleanser + amplifier 

Each set also includes our I AM Cleansed + Protected workshop + Intro To Crystals workshop at Energy School, so you can learn how to use and connect with your new energy tools ($56 value)