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LIVE Class: Trauma Awareness x Tap into Your Energetic Codes (Jan 25)

LIVE Class: Trauma Awareness x Tap into Your Energetic Codes (Jan 25)

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Ever wonder why your goals never seem to turn out?

It's because you have trauma, blocks and limiting beliefs that subconsciously block you from achieving what you actually want.

As you dive into another year, do you want to stay stuck in the same cycles, or evolve?!

 Bring your journal, grab a hot cacao, get cozy and spend the night hanging out with a high vibe crew to learn + self reflect on how to set up your energy for the most expansive year yet.

This will be your opportunity to tap into your energy as you let go of the past and get clear on the new vision moving forward.

WHEN: Jan 25

WHERE: Zoom - link sent out day of class



  • Bring self awareness to your current conditioning, mindset blocks & limitations
  • Identify areas you hold lack mentality in your life
  • Get clear on where you are people pleasing and how to create boundaries
  • Acknowledge trauma you've gathered throughout your life - big and small
  • Uncover whats been causing you to feel unsafe, unworthy, low self-love and lacking confidence 
  • Learn how to break the repeated cycles that you haven't been able to get yourself out of year after year
  • Gain tool to begin unblocking and healing what's holding you back


  • Grounding meditation and chakra balance
  • Guided trauma release energy healing
  • Journal and reflection prompts to tap deep within your soul for healing and growth
  • Lifetime access to the full recording, slides, meditation and healing.
  • 20% off code for the Energy Shop