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Class - Crystal Crash Course (Recording)

Class - Crystal Crash Course (Recording)

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The Crystals Crash Course is back! An interactive crystal workshop hosted by your energy guide Becka, to learn everything you need to know about working with crystal energy to amplify your life.

This is a recording of a live class. If you have any questions based on the content please reach out to Becka via IG (becka.crowe) or email to have those questions answered.


  • Understanding crystal energy & crystal formation
  • Ethically sourcing crystals 
  • Selecting the right crystals for you
  • Cleansing & charging crystals
  • Attuning crystals
  • How to use crystals day to day
  • Working with crystals grids + gridding your home
  • Creating your own energy tool kit
  • Working with crystal energy for your own self-healing & alignment
  • Grounding Meditation
  • Crystal Connection + Crystal Attunment Meditation

BONUS: Anyone who takes this workshop in November or December will have private access to a December group soul hang with Becka and her other clients - DATE TBD. You will be automatically added to the email list.


    " I took Becka’s crystal workshop last year and it was great! Highly recommend :)" -Jessika C.

    "It was amazing as always! I energetically vibe so much with your energy. I learned new stuff I hadn't learned and simply enjoyed it. You have a great ability to make things simple yet detailed and easy to understand. Thank you for being you!" -Kristen S.

    * If you can't make the live session, a recording of the full workshop, healings + notes will be emailed to the entire group after with lifetime access

    ** If you own a crystal please bring it to the session. If you do not own a crystal yet, that's okay too! Either go for a walk and find a rock that calls to use OR if you have sentimental piece of jewelry you can also work with that (ie wedding ring, family jewelry etc)

    Please email with any further questions you have.