Zebra Calcite (rare)

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This stone transforms each aspect of your life that you're ready to change, starting with their own emotional state. Zebra Calcite immediately begins to work with the emotional body and will raise suppressed and neglected feelings to the surface. This forces one’s mind to acknowledge and address the negative experiences that we are holding onto. Realize that these emotions are not part of who you are and do not reflect the beauty you hold inside and out.

High quality. Ethically sourced. One of a kind. Raw. 

    Our crystals are 100% natural, genuine and ethically sourced  with an excellent vibration. 

    Each crystal is unique and may differ slightly in colour, shape, size or pattern.

     Your crystal will be intuitively chosen for you  with love. It will be cleansed and cleared so it's ready to take on it's new home!